The NFL Championship Game

The NFL championship game is tomorrow, below you will see my thoughts and predictions of these games.

1/30/20221 min read

So, if you don't know the NFL championship is today. The Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Cincinatti Bengal's, and the Los Angeles Rams are playing the San Franscico 49ers. If you keep on reading you will see my thoughts and predictions.

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The Kansas City Chiefs vs Cincinatti Bengals
Well, I can't believe the Bengals made it this far, but I think it will be their last game. The chiefs and Mahomes are so good I don't think Zac Taylor and the Bengals can do it. Most people think the chiefs are going to win and I do to. But I think this game is going to be a close one like the Bills game. My prediction is the chiefs are going to win 35-31. I think the Chiefs are going to have all momentum, but the Bengals are going to push through it.

The Los Angeles Rams vs San Francsico 49ers

I don't know about you, but I want a rematch of super bowl LIV. I didn't think the 49ers could make it this far and they have all the momentum in the world. And on the other side the Rams didn't have their best game against the Bucs, so I think the 49ers have more momentum and I do think they are going to win. My prediction is the 49ers 35-21.