Super Bowl Reaction

this is my reaction to the super bowl. I will talk about key contributors, the QB's, etc

Daniel Kahn

2/15/20221 min read

That was an outstanding game. Did I predict right?

The Super Bowl was yesterday, and I thought it was outstanding game. The dueling between Mathew Staford and Joe Burrow and especially for me Jalen Ramsey and Jemarr Chase was very fun to watch. I thought in the first quarter the Rams had momentum after that first Odell Beckham Jr touchdown. OBJ had a great game until he got injured and that was the turning point of the game. The Bengals now looked like it could be their chance to get a few touchdowns and win the game (especially Jemarr Chase's huge catch but only got a field goal). Unfortunately, that just didn't happen.

Halftime show

I don't know about you, but the announcers really hyped up the halftime show. For me it was very underwhelming. It really just wasn't my vibe. Also, at halftime the Rams were winning 13-10. There wasn't a lot of offense in the first half.

2 Half

The second half was a little bit of the same as the first half. Both teams scored 10 points. In this Super Bowl Cooper Kupp was huge! The defense for the Rams was excellent, especially Aaron Donald and Von Miller who had key sacks. I thought overall a few players on each team were carrying their team.

My Predictions

The Rams won 23-20. I predicted the Bengals would win 24-17. I was really off. I wanted the Bengals to win so much. I think the key to that game was terrible penalties, turnovers and 4th downs. I thought overall it was a great Super Bowl! Just wish the Patriots got there.