Wrigley field and Chicago sports adventure!

I went to Chicago! I got to see Wrigley field and the Chicago Sports Museum. Read more to see more about my trip.

Daniel Kahn

4/25/20221 min read

Wrigley Field

I was lucky to get great seats! When I went to Wrigley field, I sat in the bleachers. We came early so we could get good seats; we ended up sitting pretty close to the field. I was lucky enough to catch 1 baseball. My brother got one from Michael Hermosillo and I got mine from a Rays coach. This game was the Rays vs Cubs. The starting pitchers were Shane Mcclanahan and Kyle Hendericks. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the up-and-coming star Wander Franco play. The pitchers on both sides did pretty well to start until Patrick Wisdom hit a moonshot and the Cubs scored a few more runs; the final score was 4-2.

Chicago Sports Museum

This museum was so interesting (I will put photos on my social media). In the museum I saw a lot of cool memorabilia and artifacts, I even saw a Michael Jordan Autographed baseball bat! My favorite thing in the museum was this homerun derby video game where it sensed your movement and you would try to hit the ball, kind of like Wii sports. They also had football and basketball games like that! You could also see how long your wingspan is, and how high your vertical jump is. Overall, this was a great museum and would recommend it to anyone.