Super Bowl LVI

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up, the Rams are playing the Bengals. Below are my thoughts and predictions.

Daniel Kahn

2/12/20221 min read

Super bowl LVI is tomorrow. The game is between the Bengals and Rams. Can the Bengal's get the upset or will LA and Sean Mcvay win? Let me know your thoughts on my facebook

brown and black Wilson football
brown and black Wilson football


I really want Burrow and Chase to win and do well. Burrow who just won the comeback player of the year award and Chase who won the rookie of the year probably are very hyped for this game, so I think they will do well. If they have good defense, they will win this game.


The key to this game for the Rams is NO turnovers whatsoever. They should also have a consistent offense and run the ball well. I think they can win just because that defense is just so good.

My predictions

I think the Bengals are going to win this game 24-17. I think the Rams are going to start the game hot but have some key turnovers that the Bengals are going to take advantage of. I think the Bengals offense is going to be unstoppable and the Rams just won't be able to catch up. See more on Facebook