Braves First base situation

The Braves made a blockbuster trade today. Let's talk about their first base situation.

Daniel Kahn

3/14/20221 min read

Matt Olson and Braves

I think that's a pretty big trade for the Braves. In my opinion he fits in perfectly. I like the Braves and what they're doing, but I don't want Freeman on another team. I think Freeman's tenure with the Braves is over. The Braves gave Oakland Christian Pache, Shea Langeliers, Ryan Cusick and Joe Estes. For a rebuilding A's that's not a bad deal for both sides. The Braves' infield is just absolutely nuts, with Austin Riley at third, Dansby Swanson at shortstop Ozzie Albies at second and now Matt Olson at first. They're such a well-constructed team.

Where will Freeman go?

I really don't know where he will go. I've seen so many rumors that he's going to the Dodgers. I think that could be a possibility. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that Freeman won't be on the Braves. I don't think this will happen but maybe the Braves can get him back and put him at DH. The Dodgers in my opinion are the best option for Freeman because he will get paid more and the Dodgers need a consistent lefty bat.